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SMD Ultra Wide Band EMI/EMS Suppressor

Ultra Wide Band (AEC-Q200 approved)


Perfect Electromagnetic Noise Nemesis
EMC and RFI interference perfect design solution

Advantages :
  • SMD process, minimize size, high current rating (3A)
  • 100KHz~3GHz Ultra Wide Band noise suppressor.
  • Noise isolation for AC/DC power.
  • Noise isolation for IC Power Circuit.
  • Electromagntic radiation noise filtered for differential signal.
  • Ground bridge between digital signal and analog signal.
  • Enhance strength of ESD susceptibility to ±1.5KV.
  • While it used on GPS module power circuit, it can enhance sensitivity of GPS.
  • While it be a T-Filter on IC power side & I/O port, it can enhance strength of RS and BCI.
  • While it connect to both side of diode, it can decrease noise Interference ratio which caused by a reverse current from diode.
  • while it use in the audio amplifier output side could solve the problem which occur by handheld antenna signal interference.
Product Specifications :
Part number External appearance Dimension (mm)

RUWB series

√ 0603
√ 0805
√ 1005
★ RCA- PCS-12V


★ RCA- BCI8C-50V


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EMI Noise Attenuation Feature:

Usually on a spectrum analyzer to see the effective noise attenuation, in its most basic attenuation-20dB above must meet the following figure the effective attenuation band of 300KHz to 3GHz broadband filter characteristics.

Better Design With UWB

More direct inhibit ability from clock RF noise

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Reference circuit

VGA input

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Power Filter

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Hall Signal

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Bridge Rectifier

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